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Magic Fairy Candles

Tarot Candle - The Empress


This hand-poured soy wax candle by Magic Fairy Candles honors The Empress, part of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck.

The Empress is the embodiment of the feminine. The feminine energy is creative, chaotic (not linear) and always nurturing. Male, female, binary or gender fluid, we all have the mother within our being. Light this candle and make time for meditation. It is by healing ourselves and choosing happiness that we are able to provide this warm glow to others. 

This 8.5 ounce candle features a sustainable bamboo lid. The soy wax when warmed makes a luxurious hand lotion. Each candle includes a crystal that has been charged under a full moon.

This makes an excellent gift for someone who needs to be reminded they are loved. It's also a beautiful gift to give yourself to honor your own journey and to embrace self-care.

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