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Karen Dombrowski-Sobel

Ruby, Quartz and Labradorite Pendulum


Pendulums have been used for centuries for dowsing. Dowsing is when you ask for input from the other world, Great Spirit, Universe, Divine Creator or perhaps just a calling in of good energy, to help guide you on your way. If you've never used one before you simply hold it in your hand, let it swing back and forth and say aloud "Show me No". The pendulum usually swings in a counterclockwise motion for "No" and a clockwise motion for "Yes" but it's always good to ask first. You are then free to ask the questions you need clarity on from the spirits that be.

Dowsing was condemned by the Catholic church in the 1500s and labelled as witchcraft. However, did you know that the Catholic church rescinded this decree in the 1940s? Unfortunately we think the damage has been done and this ancient tradition practiced for centuries has lost it's gusto. We hope to bring it back with these beautifully crafted pendulums by Karen Dombrowski-Sobel. This stunning specimen was crafted using rose quartz, rubies and labradorite. 


Please note that each of these pendulums are one-of-a-kind and there may be slight variation between the piece you receive in the mail and the one pictured here. The artist uses raw crystals (not calibrated stones). 

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