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Kuchi Circle Pendant

This pendant is wonderfully colorful with a ruby red glass center and a cobalt blue round insert. Surrounded by 4 rounds, and finished with bell fringe, the entire piece measures approx 4 inches in length, and 2 3/8 inches in width.

The word Kuchi is Persian for migration. Many different peoples or tribes from the Afghanistan and Pakistan region have been classified as Kuchi but the original migratory nomads of this area were called the Pashtoon.

Kuchi jewelry often incorporates jewels of transparent colored glass set in with beeswax and backed with foil. Using metals such as nickel, brass, tin or other base metals, Kuchi jewelry features jingling bells, coins, shining mirrors, metallic thread, colorful beads, and dangles all intended to to attract the eye and ward off evil spirits.

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