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Margot Koval

Margot Koval - Partner of Adorned by Nomad, Boulder's Best Gift Shop

Margot Koval is a female powerhouse with ownership in Adorned by Nomad and it's sister store, Nomad Bead Merchants. Her knack for treasure hunting makes her the resident jewelry pirate of the team, finding antique pieces in the most unlikely of places and restoring them to their original brilliance. She also can be described as the house designer advocate. Her passion comes from building community. She knows each of the artists in the shop intimately and loves to brag about their craftsmanship. Well it's our turn to brag as we adore Margot! Not only for her love of jewelry, her attention to detail and her sense of community, but for her fantastic sense of humor. When asked for some detail about her work she humbly replied:

"I make things. They are sparkly." 

There is something to be said for keeping it simple! We hope you enjoy Margot's work as much as we do. She happens to be the best-selling artist in the house!