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Karen Dombrowski-Sobel

Karen Dombrowski-SobelThis Boulder, Colorado artisan refuses to be boxed into any category! Karen Dombrowski-Sobel is intent on "Raising Earth Consciousness Through Art", in all of it's forms. She is a writer, a photographer, a graphic design artist, and a jeweler. Each of her pieces are truly one-of-a-kind as she takes time and care picking out the crystals she'll incorporate into the work that will best amplify the healing benefits for you! We're so excited to have her jewelry and hand-made pendulums in the shop.
As an artist, photographer and crystal jewelry designer, I have a flair for being the creative channel of light and beauty. I saturate this healing, creative energy into all that I create. A necklace can evoke healing when created with the stones that can balance out the client’s energy.  A pendulum can empower its user to answer questions they may have.

In my jewelry, I use all natural, undyed materials with the intention of bringing the stone’s natural energies to the wearer. The metals used are Sterling silver, gold filled and copper. Some of the stones are wrapped with non-sterling, silver wire, as the sterling becomes tarnished and a problem for cleaning. All ear wires are sterling or gold filled to give the safest materials to prevent allergic reactions.