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Gail Siegel

This jewelry designer has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember. As a kid she'd wear her mother's clip on earrings whenever she could. In her teens and early 20’s Gail found a new passion: large earrings. She started to play with scale and make earrings as big as possible without weighing her customers down. She also starting incorporated found materials into her work from garage sales and vintage stores. Ms. Siegel's entryway into a full-fledged jewelry business started with trade. This ingenue loved trading her beautiful creations for vet services, car service, clothing and other treasures.It was while attending the University of Southern Colorado that Gail's love affair with jewelry truly solidified. She took a metalsmithing class and was hooked! 

Today you'll find this jewelry artist in her 100-year old cottage in Old Town Lafayette, CO. She works out of her small solar run studio in the backyard. She is lucky enough to have a studio the shape of a small white dog. He loves to greet customers and friends alike!

In the past eight years I’ve focused mainly on metals. I started with Sterling Silver and recently added in copper. I love to texture and layer my pieces using handmade rivets. All of my pieces are made with comfort in mind. I like the idea of well-loved jewelry piece becoming a treasured friend to the wearer.