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Francesca Morales Cook

Francesca Morales CookFrancesa Morales Cook is an artist interested in exploring the divine. She credits her inspiration from the ultimate creator and believes all art is a manifestation of something much greater. Her journey started in social work where she focused her attention on bettering the lives of others for over 25 years. On that journey she hosted spiritual retreats to help women empower themselves by learning how to make jewelry as a healing art form.  These tranformative gatherings of healing and wellness led to her true passion for the art form and she's been exploring this medium ever since.

Feelings are universal energy. They are the blanket that covers each of us, both in embracing and protective ways, as well as in confining and tormenting ways. All of that energy can be expressed in metal and color and design with hammering and fire. Spirit, emotion, connectivity and healing - these are the essence of my art.