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It’s “Out of My Hands”

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When you first meet Francesca Morales, you can almost sense the energy that is humming just below the surface.  She is a woman who is in touch with herself, but also with techniques that she says “have emanated through me, and blossomed into distinct wearable art pieces all come from above.”  She goes on to say “I am blessed with the ability to intuitively, meditatively ‘let go’ and journey into another realm, trusting the Creator to guide me. It is at that point, I feel that true art comes alive.”

Image for Adorned - Festival

What inspires your designs?

Emotions, feelings of tranquility, peace, sorrow, joy, confusion and chaos—not simply feelings within myself, but the feelings that are in everyone, everywhere.  Feelings are universal energy—they can embrace us in protective ways as well as confine us in tormenting ways. I express all of that energy in metal and color and design, with hammering and fire…spirit, emotion, connectivity and healing are the essence of my art.


How did your company get the name Out of My Hands?

I was graced with an artistic family, so creativity has always been within my spirit.  I’ve been making jewelry since I was four years old. Although I’ve had a smattering of jewelry making classes over the years, and most people would say that I am largely self-taught, I would disagree.  I am in touch with the larger universe, and that both inspires me and is my guide. So, not only is my work out of my hands, it is totally “Out of My Hands.” I’m merely the vessel.

Image for Adorned - Kissed by Morning Dew.jpg

What is your favorite gemstone right now?  Why?

That varies, but right now I love blue chalcedony, the color is so calming.  And watermelon tourmaline, the beautiful combination of pink and green hues speak to the heart chakra, kindness and love.  I am also taken by crystal quartz, “it is ancient and ethereal, it is almost like a divine window that opens the universe.”

Image for Adorned - Wind

Why is jewelry the perfect gift for a mother?

“I would ask, ‘Why isn’t jewelry the perfect gift for a mother?’  Jewelry speaks, jewelry whispers, jewelry says all the things that cannot be put into words—jewelry is a celebration of love—jewelry is the perfect gift!”


What projects are you working on right now?  What is next for you?

My work is constantly evolving and finding new homes.  In addition to Adorned, my pieces are shown at the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art, The Taos Art Museum, as well as other galleries, boutiques and spas.

I also teach several different classes in various venues, ranging from colleges to women’s groups.  Alongside my jewelry journey, I was in social work for twenty-five years. Walking those parallel paths, heaven me to develop works for a series of women’s retreats.  The sessions are based upon ancient and contemporary holistic health approaches and inspirational adornment techniques. The women who attend these sessions learn not only a new art form, but to tap into their creativity, their spirituality,  which leads to being able to tap into their emotional selves in new ways. This has been therapeutic for those who are suffering from a wide range of illness and loss. The gatherings provide an opportunity to experience creativity, community and wellness, which can be transformative.  I have been teaching these as traveling retreats. I feel that what is next is to build a home for these retreated, offering a innovative healing center for women.

Image for Adorned - Hold me...

Why are you proud to be a jewelry designer at Adorned by Nomad?

Simply put, Catherine understands.  She understands everything that art is, everything that art does, everything that art can be.  She understands that jewelry is an extension of one’s soul. “I am most humbled and honored to show my work at Adorned.

Image for Adorned - Kaleidoscope

Join us on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13 at Adorned by Nomad, 1909 9th Street, Boulder, CO. We are celebrating Mother’s Day with a two day trunk show celebrating Francesca’s beautiful work. R.S.V.P here.

Artist Photo for Adorned

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