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Featured Artist - Danielle Lanslots

Catherine Phillips

Luckily we have had the opportunity to adorn our walls this month with the work of the Danielle Lanslots. Her ethereal watercolors captivated us at first glance. Simple, yet stunning landscapes, each one of her paintings can only best be described as soulful. No surprise after meeting this delightful talent. She pours her beautiful energy into her work, her connections and into building community. We’re so grateful to have her grace the walls this month and we strongly encourage you to take a moment to stop in to soak in the magnificence yourself. In the meantime, take a moment to get to know more about talented watercolor artist below.

Danielle Lanslots - Stickers

Where did you learn how to paint? Are you completely self-taught or did you go to school? 

I took drawing and painting classes all four years of high school with a hope of applying to art school. But I was discouraged by my family from pursuing art as a career because it was deemed unprofitable. I went on to earn several degrees, including a Master of Science in Biomedical Science. When I graduate with my MS in May of 2017 I was inspired to begin painting again as a way of working with depression and anxiety. My technique was developed by painting every day and trying lots of different things. I can’t separate my understanding of what goes into a good painting from my classes in high school, so I would say that I am partially self-taught! 

What inspires your designs?

I was born and lived in the Netherlands until I was almost ten years old. I clearly remember hour-long drives along expansive misty landscapes. So there’s certainly a literal inspiration there. But mainly I paint from a place of my seemingly inherent contemplative, spiritual yearning. My paintings then speak to others who feel the same pensive awe in their own lives and then I’m inspired again by the experience of their resonance. 

Danielle Lanslots - Watercolor Paintings

You started your company a few years ago. What were you doing before? What motivated the big life change? 

Well I’d say that I have been “changing” my life continuously since I graduated with my BS in 2011. I took many steps to pursue a career in mental health, but then facing my own mental health crisis, had to do put that work aside. So I’ve had the great privilege of accidentally stumbling my way into many interesting things over the last 8 years. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone who knows me that I am now pursuing my fine art career wholeheartedly, including my former classmates who all went on to attend medical school. It’s certainly in my nature to seek meaning above everything. So in the most recent years of my life I have let go of the need to fit in and follow a well-defined career track. I am following my love for life and my heart and it’s landed me in the most beautiful, meaningful place yet. 

What is the biggest challenge you face as an artist? The biggest reward? 

The biggest challenge I’d say is to be consistent. The creative process is so subtle and often nebulous that it can’t really been pinned down. I struggle to create on a timeline because it often requires that I push my way through the creative process in a way that is not honoring its natural flow. The natural flow is required to make stunning artwork. The biggest reward is touching others, moving others. I have sold my art to folks who cried as they shared with me what they saw in my work, and how touched they were by the emotion that comes through the work. When people resonate in their hearts, the most beautiful connections happen. 

Your work features mostly landscape paintings. Have you considered any other subjects? Why or why not? 

Yes I do, and yes I love working on animals and people! I don’t share them outside of my family, really, because I am still learning to create freely in those subject areas. 

Danielle Lanslots - Watercolor Pendants

Do you have any other types of artistic talents or creative pursuits besides watercolor?

 I do work in different media such as oil and acrylic, and I used to be very into creating mixed-media steampunk-inspired pieces. But now my main other creative outlet is music. I play guitar and write music. 

What do you like to do when you aren't painting? 

I love to cook, spend time with my amazing 12-year old step-daughter and make music with my friends. 

You have an enormous following on Instagram. Can you tell us a bit more about your classes and your e-book launching later this month? 

I offer both watercolor workshops and marketing workshop to teach folks how to use Instagram as a key piece to a comprehensive marketing plan. My upcoming eBook focuses on that, too, as I’ve had so many inquires about how to gain a substantial social media following. 

Why do you enjoy being an artist part of the Adorned community? 

I actually purchase some of my materials at Nomad and have always loved the artist-friendly locally owned atmosphere. 

Danielle Lanslots - Image


Danielle Lanslot’s work is featured at Adorned all month long!


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