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What makes Adorned the store that she is? I’ll tell you. She’s a complicated mix of passion and compassion and art. She loves the local. She has room for a fluctuating number of local artists, each with her own vision of what art is, of what you can do with beads or stones or color. She can celebrate the culmination of the idea, the craftsmanship, the production and completion of a piece. Once those pieces are displayed in Adorned, they are available to be perused, admired, lusted after, hoped for, and finally, to find a new home.

Adorned by Nomad

Adorned is proof that beauty and art are still celebrated in Boulder, Colorado. She is proof that if you offer people the opportunity to stand and to look, and to see and to wish they will do just that. Then they will find a piece of art for themselves, or for a gift, or to convey a message. It’s commerce, true, because otherwise she couldn’t pay the rent.  But it’s also an opportunity to hold in your hand, or to give away, something that was made by a person who is part of your local community.


Adorned is Adorned By Nomad because the two stores stand together. Nomad has been a unique part of the Boulder scene for 27 years. Adorned shares many of the same values, integrity, owners, vision and community with Nomad. Both Adorned and Nomad want to offer a place to be near creativity, whether it is to make your own piece in Nomad, to take inspiration from the pieces in Adorned, or to come into Adorned and find that perfect piece that you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw it, or to find a piece that is perfect for that occasion, for your friend’s birthday,  just to celebrate today.

The Partners of Adorned by Nomad

The Partners of Adorned by Nomad – Catherine in White, Jake in the rear

Adorned is also all about the power of women. She is owned, for the most part, by women. And many of the beautiful things we have for sale in the shop are made by women in their studios, or dining rooms, or garages. Anywhere that art can happen.

Margot Koval rainbow rhinestone earring

She also tries to keep a wide variety of prices, to be available for small indulgences or big celebrations. The most-purchased thing in the shop are the rhinestone earrings ($15-$18) that are made by Margot, one of the owners. And why does she make them? Because they’re shiny and pretty! And since they are at a price point where people might buy more than one, they are often purchased in twos or threes! One time, a woman came into the shop, and didn’t stop at just one.  She bought two pair for herself, one for her mother, one for her sister..well, you get the picture. When she was asked if she had enjoyed her shopping experience she said:  “It’s like buying joy!”


We have wonderful people who work for Adorned, many with hidden talents, until you get to know them. We are (this is Boulder) very dog friendly.  We often have treats for canine companions behind the counter.  Once, Kaye, an Adorned artist and employee asked if she could offer a visiting dog a treat.  The dog’s guardian smiled wryly, and said “Well you could, but he only understands commands that are spoken in French.”  Kaye’s reply: “Mais bien sur” (but of course, in French), followed by a very polite offer to the dog, who trotted over to receive the treat. Everyone left happy!

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

We can’t wait to visit with you soon in our home away from home! Adorned is located at 1909 9th Street in downtown Boulder. We are quickly becoming Boulder’s best gift shop and I do hope you’ll come by to see why!



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